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We at Tattered Parchment are proud to announce we will be accepting book submissions.

Please feel free to look at the contact page if you are interested in submitting your book for possible publication by Tattered Parchment.

We do on the rare occasion take books on under our own banner and release them using all our services at no cost to yourself.

All we do is take a percentage of any sales.

So if you think you have produced an outstanding book but have been turned down by bigger names in publishing give us a try, we do not bite.

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1: Book review.

Expert book review with feedback about your book.

As a company it is important to stay true to your clients. Here at Tattered Parchments we pride ourselves with our in house book reviewers and ask them to read your book properly and then ask them to give us a full diagnosis of storyline and the books ability to demonstrate that story

2: Analysis & advice.

An in depth report on your book and suggestions where changes can be made. Our advice is impartial and can lead to some dramatic changes that will help the book be steered in the right direction. We are not over critical and never indicate a full rewrite unless it truly is a bad read.

3: Proof reading.

A team of two proof readers look for mistakes in spelling by reading your book. They take notes and any changes that need doing will be sent to you detailing page and line etc..

4: Editing.

Your book is assigned an editor to correct grammar & spelling. He also looks deep into the story to cohesion failures and will edit sections for you if there are mistakes.

He will of course contact you if any changes are major.

He will also advise on additional pages needed if any.

If you release a book on to the market without good editing you run the risk of bad feedback and unwelcome comments that could hinder your sales. Here at Tattered Parchments our editors can make sure that your book is well edited for release. Our proof readers can check our work to make sure no mistakes get through. Analysis and advice is also a key element to any books release. It can help improve storyline and continuity making a better read for your clients and fans alike. We also provide detailed book reviews, which are also a great way to get an unbiased opinion.


Editing is a very important part of creating a good book.