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Graphic Design - Tattered Parchment


We at Tattered Parchment are proud to offer authors access to a complete set of e-publishing tools and expertise.

Please feel free to look at the contact page if you are interested in submitting your book for e-publication by Tattered Parchment.

Our goal is to make your book a success - and we emphasize that through our pricing structure. We require no up-front payments and rely solely on commissions. If we don't make your work a success, we don't get paid.

Bottom line is that there is never any cost to you. Place your book into the capable and experienced hands of Tattered Parchment and allow us to provide you with the editors, designers and marketers who can assist you in making a masterpiece.

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1: Existing cover art converted to a 3D e-book cover

For this process you must already have a front cover designed and spine design already designed.

Without the front and spine art we cannot create your 3D e-Book Cover.

The process is done usually within a day and you will have around 10 different versions of a 3D e-Book at the end of the process.

2: Book cover design

Front cover illustrated by our team to your requirements.

Our Graphic Design team can create any requested illustrations usually completing upon your approval within one/two weeks dependant on complexity of cover.

3. Book cover and 3D e-book

Front cover and spine design plus a 3D e-book.

From a full front cover and spinal design to your requirements plus the art is converted to 3D e-Books.

4: Website Design

Max 8 page website

For authors books only. You will provide the web address and host services. We upload your design usually within one/two weeks of purchasing and completing requested information for your website. Other requests for website upon application.

Our team of specialist illustrators and designers can create your perfect vision for your book cover. They can convert it into a 3D e-Book and provide all your needs to get the design you require to stand out from the rest. If you need a website designed to help with sales our team can bring that vision into reality. Our design department is headed by Arron McArthur. He has over ten years experience designing covers for books and can provide exceptional value for money for clients that wish to make use of his skills.

Graphic Design

For all your design needs from covers to websites.

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