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We at Tattered Parchment are proud to announce we will be accepting book submissions.

Please feel free to look at the contact page if you are interested in submitting your book for possible publication by Tattered Parchment.

We do on the rare occasion take books on under our own banner and release them using all our services at no cost to yourself.

All we do is take a percentage of any sales.

So if you think you have produced an outstanding book but have been turned down by bigger names in publishing give us a try, we do not bite.

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Tattered Parchment is an e-publishing solution company for all your needs.

Tattered Parchment

Whether you need editing, e-book covers, e-book paperback conversion graphics, or full publishing help Tattered Parchments can make things easy.

Our team of Graphic Designers and Editing specialists can provide every kind of help that you require.

Packages are available from simple editing through to the complete package inc website design.

Built by authors and designers mainly for independent authors, Tattered Parchments was set up to be realistically priced and provide exceptional service and value for money.


If you feel you need a full package of services click here

Publishing needs

Find out more here if you need Graphic design services

Graphic Design needs

Find out more here if you need editing services

Editing needs

Click on any of the Services below

Publishing Graphic Design Editing About us

The wait is nearly over. The release of Caden Monroes Outbreak Chronicles: Journal 1-Task Force Hazard.

We all at TP have been waiting patiently for the release of the Standard Edition for weeks now and with Caden introducing the Condemned Editions doubling our workload we hope that it sells like hot cakes on a winters day.


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