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Tattered Parchment - Home


We at Tattered Parchment are proud to offer authors access to a complete set of e-publishing tools and expertise.

Please feel free to look at the contact page if you are interested in submitting your book for e-publication by Tattered Parchment.

Our goal is to make your book a success - and we emphasize that through our pricing structure. We require no up-front payments and rely solely on commissions. If we don't make your work a success, we don't get paid.

Bottom line is that there is never any cost to you. Place your book into the capable and experienced hands of Tattered Parchment and allow us to provide you with the editors, designers and marketers who can assist you in making a masterpiece.

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The wait is nearly over. The release of Caden Monroe's first journal - Outbreak Chronicles: Task Force Hazard is almost upon us.

We at Tattered Parchment are excited about the forthcoming release and hope that you are all prepared for the Outbreak!

Tattered Parchment is the premier e-publisher, connecting your book to millions of mobile e-readers worldwide

Tattered Parchment

Whether your book needs direction, editing, e-book covers, e-book paperback conversion graphics, or assistance in marketing associated with e-publishing, Tattered Parchment is here to make your dreams into a reality.

Our team of experienced Marketers, Graphic Designers and Editing specialists can take your work, polish it, provide it with the highest quality of graphical presentation, and publish it under the Tattered Parchment banner, providing you with valuable e-publishing expertise.

Built by established authors and designers and primarily targeted at fellow Indie authors, Tattered Parchment knows how challenging it can be to write and e-publish your work. We are here to make that process simple, and with no up-front cost, we can ensure there are no barriers between you and the services we provide.

Place your work into the experienced and capable hands of Tattered Parchment and you will find that e-publishing has never been easier. Together, we can help to make your story into the masterpiece you have always envisioned it to be.

Discover how simple e-publishing can be with Tattered Parchment


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