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Publishing - Tattered Parchment


We at Tattered Parchment are proud to offer authors access to a complete set of e-publishing tools and expertise.

Please feel free to look at the contact page if you are interested in submitting your book for e-publication by Tattered Parchment.

Our goal is to make your book a success - and we emphasize that through our pricing structure. We require no up-front payments and rely solely on commissions. If we don't make your work a success, we don't get paid.

Bottom line is that there is never any cost to you. Place your book into the capable and experienced hands of Tattered Parchment and allow us to provide you with the editors, designers and marketers who can assist you in making a masterpiece.

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1: Take your doc of written work and convert to PDF

Accomplished through inDesign creating layout including copyright pages and title pages adding in blanks to balance and address issues.

2: Take PDF file of written work convert to an e-Book for Kindle

If you have a fully developed PDF with the correct pages we can use that to convert to an e-Book. File will be available for you to use as you see fit.

3: Take word doc of written work and convert to PDF then e-Book for Kindle

From whatever your format is to a e-Book with this service ready for you to do as you wish with.

4: Take written work and publish under Tattered Parchment

This option allows us to create the perfect PDF inc layout restructure and infrastructure development and we follow the process to e-Book where we publish it under our banner.

For this option you must have cover at for your book already or can purchase one of our design deals.

Not everyone has the knowledge or understanding of how to publish books. In today’s market its understandable. Applying to press houses and publishes is a long and drawn out affair and often ends in disappointment. Here at Tattered parchment we try and level the playing field by helping authors to publish there books with a reputable e-publishing house whose aim is to help authors sell there books and get there often fantastic material available to the masses.

Our process takes the hassle out of converting files and getting their books into the online world so people can buy them.  


So you have written a book and now you think its time to get it published.

We do also take submissions for books too. In this case we do not take any money from you and we provide all the services to you free of charge. We do not pay any money up front to you for your book but instead take a percentage of the books sales.

Percentage is negotiable and dependant on many circumstances.

Feel free to go to the Contact page if this is something you wish to consider.


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